Free Aptitude Assessment

It’s the time of the year when students from 8th grade and their parents begin thinking about what subjects they should opt for in 9th grade. And O level and Matric students begin thinking of the subjects they should opt for in their higher education. This decision is critical and stressful and this is where we can help you with our free aptitude assessment tool designed by career counsellors and psychologists.

Why is Aptitude Assessment Important?

A recent survey, conducted in Pakistan, reveals that 97.74 % recruiters believe students pick subjects that do not support their personality type and, as a result, are not able to secure the right jobs.
An aptitude is defined as a natural ability to do something and this may be unique to every individual. Students develop their aptitude by 8th grade and that is the time to test it to see how well suited they may be towards a certain career. It is extremely important to identify their potential and ambitions and choose the relevant subjects in school or college accordingly so that they make well informed decisions about their futures. Making a career decision without exploring their aptitude and talent may lead to frustrations and poor performance later on in the student’s professional lives and it becomes too late to switch career streams, as determined through research. Moreover, students will definitely excel in a career that is in line with their personality rather than one they ended up pursuing due to stroke of luck. So knowing what career streams you may be well suited for is the first step involved in picking tehe right subjects in a timely manner.

Steps to Follow to your Free Aptitude Assessment

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  • Answer some questions that appear on your screen as accurately as possible
  • Receive your free aptitude assessment report.
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What will my aptitude assessment report contain?

  • Your percentage aptitude for different careers
  • Subject requirement for different career streams
  • Job market trends in Pakistan
  • Tips and Advice from Career Counsellors
  • Insights about different career streams
  • Skills and knowledge required for different streams

Why you should trust us

  • All advice that our service offers has been approved by certified career counsellors so rest assured, it has been carefully composed
  • All market trends and statistics are upto date and from reliable resources